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Japan Inclusive Business Support Center portal site: Terms of Service

Note: The following is a provisional translation of the original Japanese Terms of Service. Click here to view the Japanese website.

1. Introduction

(1) Overview and purpose of the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center site

The Japan Inclusive Business Support Center (“the Center”) has been established by the Ministry of Economy Trade, and Industry (METI) with the aim of providing a comprehensive support framework to Japanese companies, NGOs, and other groups working to resolve the various challenges associated with entering the inclusive business arena. The Center offers the following services to its users:
(1) A portal site offering a centralized source of information
(2) Matching support (supporting alliances)

(3) Consultation services

(2) Overview of the Center portal site

The Center portal site (“this site”) is the official website for the Center, and forms the Center either as a whole or in part.

(3) Administrator

The Center and this site are managed and operated by METI and/or parties designated by METI.

2. Terms of Service

(1) Applicable scope

The Terms of Service stipulated herein govern any and all actions related to the use of services provided by the Center.

(2) Changes to the Terms of Service

The Center reserves the right to change the Terms of Service without notice for any reason it deems fit. The revised Terms of Service shall go into effect as soon as they are posted on this site.

3. Cautions when using the Center

(1) Usage fee

There is currently no charge associated with the use of Center services; however, the Center reserves the right to begin charging for the use of its services at any time.

(2) Change or discontinuation of services

The Center reserves the right to rename, change the content of, or discontinue any service it provides without prior notice. The Center may change the URL of any of its pages, including the main page, without notice. Note that information provided by the Center is current as of the time it is uploaded.

(3) Suspension of services

This site may temporarily suspend services without warning for emergency maintenance.

(4) Supported browser applications

This site has been confirmed to support Internet Explorer 7. Users viewing the site with other browser applications should be aware that certain content might not be displayed as intended by the Center.

(5) Links to this site

As a rule, other websites may link to the this site. However, we ask that you inform us promptly once the link is uploaded by using the form on our “Contact us” page. Also note that linking privileges will be refused in cases where the linking website is deemed (a) offensive to public order and/or morals or (b) violation or potential violation of established laws and regulations. In cases where we judge that the display of the link or the like is not proper, we may notify you to revise or delete the link. In such an event, please promptly comply with the notice.

4. Handling of personal information

(1) Compliance with the Privacy Policy

This site shall handle the personal information of its users in an appropriate manner that conforms to the terms set forth in Privacy Policy of this site.

5. Intellectual property rights

(1) Ownership rights

The property rights to the information provided on this site and the software utilized for the provision of that information (the “Information and Software”) belong to the Center or to the person(s) who provided the Information and Software to METI. Further, the intellectual property rights to the Information and Software on this site are protected under all applicable laws and regulations.

(2) Scope of use

Users of this site are entitled to search, view, or download any information provided by the Center.

(3) Provision to third parties

Except with prior approval from the Center and the providers of information and Software to the Center, users have no right to copy, make public, transmit, distribute, assign, rent, sell, reprint, license, transfer, or reuse, in whole or in part, any of the Information and Software or the contents thereof from the this site to a third party.

(4) Information on linked external sites

The information contained on external websites linked from the this site is protected by intellectual property rights as outlined in the Terms of Service for the external site.

6. Disclaimer

(1) Use of the Center services

The Center has taken various precautions with respect to the services it provides, but does not warrant in any way the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, security and so on of its content. Furthermore, the information on this site is only a portion of the information about the Center, and is not meant to include all such information. Users are themselves responsible for the use of services provided by the Center, and must understand that the Center will not be liable of any effects whatsoever that may stem from decisions made by or action taken by users based on information from this site.

(2) Site access

The Center will not be liable for any inconveniences that users may incur related to broken links or other display issues stemming (a) from changes or deletions to this site content or (b) from URL changes; nor inconveniences stemming from the introduction of computer viruses, or any other consequences or damages incurred for any reason whatsoever.

(3) Access to external sites

The Center does not warrant the accuracy, legality, and so on of the information on any website that is linked to this site. If any problem should arise in connection with the use of any such linked website, the user is requested to deal with the matter on the user’s own responsibility.

(4) Third party disputes

The Center shall bear no responsibility or liability for expenses arising in connection with user violation of third party rights. Should such a violation occur, the user(s) involved shall resolve the matter at their own expense and liability.

7. Prohibitions

(1) List of prohibitions

The following actions are prohibited for users accessing this site.
(1) Violation of intellectual property rights
(2) Violation of privacy
(3) Discrimination, abuse, or slander
(4) Fraudulent or other illegal or criminal acts
(5) Leaking of personal information
(6) Actions that go against established laws, regulations, or public order and morals

(7) The use of all or any portion of the services provided by the Center for commercial purposes, excluding usage that is in compliance with these Terms of Service and all applicable laws and regulations as well as within the scope of the aims intended by this site.

8. Handling violations

(1) Reporting

Please see the “Contact us” page on this site to report any actions that appear to be in violation of the terms of service.

9. Applicable laws

(1) Compliance with Japanese law

These terms of service shall be interpreted under and governed by the laws of Japan.

(2) Court of jurisdiction

In the event that a dispute arises between the Center and a user in connection with services provided by the Center, the Terms of Service, or other such matter, both parties shall exert their best efforts to resolve the matter in a mutually satisfactory way. In the event that this is not possible and adjudication is sought, the matter shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

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