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About the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center

The Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) established the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center in October of 2010 in order to provide comprehensive support for inclusive business. The center conducts the activities needed to achieve the following goals for its users, who include corporations, NGOs/NPOs, international organizations, aid agencies, and academic institutions.


In recent years, much attention has been focused on inclusive business for BOP in developing countries. These business initiatives require two components in terms of policy: (1) sustained, effective economic cooperation policy driven by private-public alliances, and (2) industrial policy that supports Japanese companies and other groups in overseas expansion and gaining access to new markets.

On the other hand, Japanese companies and other group lag behind US and European companies in terms of their participation in inclusive business. In response to this issue, the Inclusive Business Policy Research Group deemed the establishment of the tentatively named Inclusive Business Promotion Framework an essential step in their February 2010 report. The promotion framework would act as a comprehensive support structure for corporations, NGOs/NPOs, and others seeking to participate in inclusive business as a way to address a variety of problems that proved difficult for Japanese companies to resolve on their own.

Project aims

In light of the above, the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center was launched with the following functions to help promote inclusive business activities among Japanese companies and other groups. The design, establishment, and operation of the project are carried out through a steering committee, which consist of the key intellectual figures, the practical business leaders, the government officials, and the others.

Key functions

  • Set up a portal site as a centralized source of information
  • Provide matching support (support alliances)
  • Consultation services

Promotion framework

Japan Inclusive Business Support Center

What is inclusive business

About the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center