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About inclusive business

Learn what inclusive business is all about. Includes an explanation of the terms used on the site.

About the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center

Learn what the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center does and how this site can work for you.

List of services
Support Policies and Systems

Covers the support policies and systems related to inclusive business by government-affiliated organizations.

Support Center Related Organizations

Lists the names and contact information of organizations cooperating with the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center.

Matching Support

Covers information on setting up partnerships among a variety of related parties in inclusive business.

Event Information

Covers information about events related to inclusive business that government-affiliated organizations host, co-host, or sponsor.

Country-specific Information/Reports

Provides country-specific information as released by government-affiliated organizations, as well as various types of documents pertaining to inclusive business (latent needs at the BOP level, preliminary case studies, feasibility study reports, etc.).

Steering Committee

Provides documents and implementation overviews relating to the Steering Committee.

Support measures and specific initiatives from the Japanese government

What is inclusive business

About the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center